Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Someone has a crush on someoooonnne

Meeka's ( my fiance ) asked me to do a drawing of her and David Tennant ( a.k.a. Dr. Who ) so I finally sat down in front of the drawing board tonight and got this clean-ish rough done. I think I like it but the final verdict will have to wait 'till tomorrow night... or the day after.

In any case, hope you enjoy.



  1. Nice sketch, can't wait to see it in color. You've got a very cool style. I like your work man.

  2. Sweet. Thanks Joe. I'll do my best to not dissapoint.

    Cheers man.

  3. Hah, awesome! I haven't seen the new Dr Who but I enjoyed the older ones when I was a kid. Looks great! Oh yeah and John is a super nice guy. Hope you get a chance to meet him..

  4. YAY! Dr. Who! Can't wait t6o see it in colour!

  5. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, John seems like he'd be the cool guy on top. And by the way, the new Dr Who's ( well, the ones with David Tennant... so season 2-4 ) were awesome. I only vaguely remember trying to sneak in some Tom Baker years in when I was but a wee lad.

    Tired now.

  6. Awesome stuff here! I love the Kuta peices!

  7. Awe, thanks folks. It's always very appreciated when talented artists take the time to leave a good word.