Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ottawa Comic Con...

Is everybody going?  Here are some of the new things I'm working on to sell there.

Hope to see you all there and in costume.

The Beagles...

My good friend Oli Belas and I are teaming up to do some extra curricular projects.

The first one is an essay he's going to send for publishing.  Here's a little excerpt from it:

The mystery story, in all its permutations, is for all comers. But it is especially for those who have Batman comics and Kierkegaard on the nightstand. Not because such a combination is so very contrary, nor so very impressive; or mere affectation; or a poor expression of an ill-defined and flaccid postmodernist irony. But because the broadest strokes of Chandler’s definition limn an Everyperson who is by twists and turns admirable, disconcerting, comforting. The detective, I think, will be knocking around his or her mean streets for as long as we are drawn to characters whose capes, trilbies, and trenchcoats both admit and mask their – and therefore our – fears and tremblings.

And these next ones are for a comic we're working on for friends who got married.  Because we both have day jobs it's going to be sent in chunks.


Hey folks.  Come see my Facebook art page ( ).  I'll be posting all my drawings here from now on.  And tell your friends.  And your friends' friends.  And your friends' friends' frien... you get the point.

Thanks in advance friends.