Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Beagles...

My good friend Oli Belas and I are teaming up to do some extra curricular projects.

The first one is an essay he's going to send for publishing.  Here's a little excerpt from it:

The mystery story, in all its permutations, is for all comers. But it is especially for those who have Batman comics and Kierkegaard on the nightstand. Not because such a combination is so very contrary, nor so very impressive; or mere affectation; or a poor expression of an ill-defined and flaccid postmodernist irony. But because the broadest strokes of Chandler’s definition limn an Everyperson who is by twists and turns admirable, disconcerting, comforting. The detective, I think, will be knocking around his or her mean streets for as long as we are drawn to characters whose capes, trilbies, and trenchcoats both admit and mask their – and therefore our – fears and tremblings.

And these next ones are for a comic we're working on for friends who got married.  Because we both have day jobs it's going to be sent in chunks.

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