Friday, March 4, 2011

Joe Average and the gang...

So here's the gang. Joe, Nixxon, and Dee ( originally Distraction Girl until she lost her powers ).

Stay tuned for adventures with accident prone Joe and he and his best friend Nixxon ( who's not necessarily smarter, but just a little more... observant ) in a world where supeheroes run rampant like superstars, are on all smutt mags like superstars, and get the highest privileges like superstars... ok, they're the superstars of this world.

And meet the fallen Amazon from her home planet of [ not decided yet ]. Dee joins the gang when her peers decide she doesn't deserve her powers anymore ( maybe she should have kept it in her pants ).

To be continued?... *bah bah baaaahhhhhhh*

PS - the sketches are of Dee in her supersuit ( so I guess it should be Distraction Girl's supersuit... but don't tell anybody her identity or she'll pound ya a good one )