Monday, November 29, 2010

Kitty Pryde the second...

This is the second version of the Kitty Pryde challenge my friends and I ( well, mostly them... I kinda jumped on the bandwagon later on :) gave ourselves. The first was to draw Kitty Pryde in our own style, coming out of a wall, and her dragon friend had to be in there somewhere.

This was my first one

The second version was of the same exact layout but in a style of the other's choice that, in their mind, would be opposite to our's. So they decided I should do a Golden Age/Silver Age comic style.

So here she is.

I based her a lot on the old Phantom Lady comics and then a mix of dinosaurs and monsters from the aera.

Hope you likes.

PS - If anybody has a good way of getting the pixelation to look good on the small scale, please let me know. I had a hard time getting a version small enough to upload but big enough to keep the details. Thanks in advance.

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