Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello all and allets,

Meeka wanted me to make her a little drawing of her on her scooter for her iPod ( apparently she found a site that lets you design your own iPod skin ). I thought I'd add a bunch of her creations running after her.

Hope you likes,


  1. Wow XD
    I love that guy with the red and white stripes with long arms!
    Bellissimo! XDDD

    Sorry if there are errors of grammar..
    My English is poor... >.<

  2. Thanks Laura. If you like it, go check out Meeka's etsy site ( ) and you could actually have him... or one like him at least :P

    And thanks. I like your stuff too and I would comment but alas, I don't understand Spanish ( I'm not even sure if I'm right on which language it is :P )( ... sorry ), so I don't actually know where I'm supposed to go for that.


  3. Very nice. Love the composition and the playfulness of this pic. Good work!

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  5. Hahahaha! XD
    Ok, maybe I will give a 'look at her's work!
    However, I am Italian!
    I understand...
    (You mean the translator on my blog, perhaps?
    You can change the language clicking on the little black arrow next to the languages present.
    I don't know why start from Spanish...)
    Anyway thanks!
    If one day you ever decide to leave a comment to my silly drawings, write well in English!
    No problem!
    (Although, if you want you can translate - so totally ungrammatical - the whole page in English. Just click on one of the flags top right, in the blog.)
    See ya!