Thursday, September 10, 2009

I hate computers.

Here are a couple of new ones I've been working on lately. The Green Lantern I did today for a gift for someone. I don't think I've ever drawn so fast. And especially with my computer acting like a real butthole, I'm surprised I got it done at all.

Zelda's almost fully coloured so that should be done soon... as long as my computer doesn't die.

Hold on old fella... HOLD ON!!!


  1. Now that is an awesome comic! I loved link to the past growing up. Nice work man!

  2. Wow...
    It's really cool!
    (I also hate computers...)

  3. nice man, the lines on these are beautiful...the lanterns line of actionis gorgeous!!

  4. WWooaa!! That Green Lantern piece is beyond cool!! :) Graet work!!

  5. Thanks guys. If you haven't seen the movie yet, DO IT!!! It's one of the best straight to DVD animated flicks I've seen in a while. And if you like that, check out Geoff Jones ( or Johns... but I think Jones ) take on the comics. Really, really, really good.

  6. It's a love/hate relationship for me too.
    Nice work my friend!

  7. Excellent Green Lantern piece....the Zelda comic strip is lookin' good, can't wait to see it colored.

    BTW...I have seen the new GL flick and it is pretty awesome.

  8. cool stuffs man! Whats that fairy's name from ocarina? Starts w/ an N i think? Anyway....i hated that %#@! lol. Can't wait to see it coloured.