Monday, August 24, 2009

One more step...

The cleanup didn't come out as well as I was hoping ( I wish I had a good WACOM... or a Cintiq... mmmmm, Cintiiiiiiq ) but still happy with it. Now the fun part of adding colour and them there words... tomorrow.



  1. The clean up looks really good. I love the big shapes, and the noses. What is this comic about? Looks funny.

  2. It's something a buddy of mine wrote. I asked some to send me short gags or stories that I could squeeze in one page so that I could concentrate on layout and stuff. This is the first of what I hope is many stories that come out of their noggins.

    You'll have to wait 'till it's finished to get the actual story. I'd actually be curious to see what people think it's going to be.

  3. I Know, I wish I had a Cintiq too! Love the art style & box balloons for the dialogue. That's a fun concept- I always wanted to do something like that, where artists collaborate & create separate comics based on characters and a story from one artist and vice-versa. Just to see the different styles.